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Beyond the Obvious conference | January 2017

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Participation to Culture Action Europe AGM and annual conference ‘Beyond the Obvious’ in Budapest, with a focus on European construction, cities and sustainable development.

Marianne Magnin speaking
Marianne Magnin, TCAF Chair, presenting the conclusions of one of the conference workshops

An opportunity for the charity to monitor trends, contribute to the debate, test ideas, identify opportunities and expand its network.

BtO is a flagship event of Culture Action Europe, whose network TCAF is a member of. It is an annual gathering for privileged and inspirational exchange between the European cultural community, civil society, researchers and thinkers. BtO provokes the common thinking by exploring borders and edges of culture and moves beyond conventional assumptions and beliefs.

BtO 2017 “Europe, quo vadis?” was a space to discuss multiple challenges of the European project, from fragmentation and rise of nationalism and xenophobia, to environmental challenges and the role of cities in creating alternatives.

Sustainability, value of culture and governance were three of the threads we focused on.



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