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In order to develop and realise the full ambition of our innovative programme, we rely on the generosity of the supporters and partners who make a vital contribution to our work.

We favour deeper linkages between the publicly funded and the commercial parts of the art sector. Beyond, we adhere to Privately Funded and Publicly Minded projects, as coined by our our partner Art Institutions of the the 21st Century

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Karim Bouhassoun

TCAF benefactor

Your Donation

Tailor your Financial Contribution 

If you want to support us financially, the fastest route is to make a plain and unconditional financial contribution and not to worry about tax optimisation!


Donate Now with any card or your PayPal / Apple details. Please contact us for crypto donations.


Or refine your support by

  1. choosing the cause where to make a specific impact

  2. channeling your donation through your tax residency country

Whichever the cause supported and the amount, you will always receive a receipt and our appreciation!

1. Choose your cause

If you prefer to support a specific part of our work, tell us when you make your tailored contribution and we will ring-fence 75% of the amount towards the  programmes of your preferred causes.

1.1 Unconditional love

TCAF runs on a very lean operational model, with minimum overhead costs. Your contribution will be ventilated across our programmes.

1.2 Selected focus

Our focus areas are​

  • education

  • innovation

  • sustainable development

  • wellbeing

  • residencies 

and special projects

2.1. United Kingdom tax residency

As a registered charity, all donations from UK businesses qualify for corporation tax relief.

Donations from individuals who are UK tax-payers qualify for Gift Aid, which allows TCAF to claim an extra 25p on every pound donated. If you pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate, you can claim from HMRC the additional tax relief due to you. Please click the box Gift Aid in the UK Donation form.

2.2 Europe tax residency

Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) is a tax-effective cross-border cash donations framework across Europe.

21 countries are already enabling donors, both corporations and individuals, resident in one of the participating countries to financially support non-profit organisations in other Member States, while benefiting directly from the tax advantages provided in the legislation of their country of residence.

2.3. Rest of the World tax residency

Please contact us to discuss how to make your financial support happen in the most tax efficient way.

Run a marathon or celebrate your birthday with us

The Cornelius Arts Foundation is registered as a beneficiary charity with​ Facebook

  • TCAF page has a donate button.

  • Alternatively you can create your own fundraising campaign such as for your birthday. FB accepts donations in all currencies, does not charge a commission but does not process Gift Aid (for UK donations) either.


TCAF works with diverse companies and individuals who help deliver our programmes and events through sponsorship and in-kind support. We work with each benefactor to create a bespoke relationship, including accreditation and inclusion in special events. As a registered charity, donations from UK and EU tax residents qualify for tax relief.

We thank the following organisations who have supported TCAF’s public engagement programme:


Volunteers and Interns

TCAF is grateful to the following individuals, who supported the charity’s public programme and R&D: Anna Balashova, Gisèle Bertin, Thierry Bertin, Alexis Blondel, Mélanie Canto, Anastasia Goryunova, Sara Gomes da Silva, Marianna Meloni, Grace Nieto, Arman Nouri, David Sanders, Dr Kirsten Sedgman, Moritz von Hochberg, John Wadley, Qi Wang and many more.

Contact us to discuss how you can support our work.

Volunteers & Interns
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