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Art of Conversation suppers

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

mosaic of dinners
2015 ART of Conversation suppers

The foundation is keen to stimulate the exchange of ideas to bring new perspectives, questions and ultimately practical and lasting solutions on the matter of bridging the gap between art and people.

It is in this context and informed by the experience gained through TCAF residencies where quality dinner time offers a very fertile ground for the exchange of ideas, that a supper club series was curated in 2015.

November 2015 | Spontaneous Acts

September 2015 | Play

Taking place off the beaten path in unexpected and exclusive locations across London, The ART of Conversation provides a platform for creative and business influencers to engage in conversation about the transformative power of art.

Each supper is themed with a bespoke venue and menu, kick-starts with an opportunity for guests to be creative and includes discussion prompters as well as speakers to make the occasion an immersive and informed experience.

Guests from a broad range of backgrounds – art, academia and business – bring diversity of thinking, facilitated by the informal spontaneity and conviviality of good food and fine wine.

TCAF is a Get Creative Champion, a BBC initiative to celebrate arts, culture and creativity that happens everyday across the UK.

dinner table by night, viewed from above
evening dinner during 2013 Lagamas residency



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